Join the Little Mermaid, the Gingerbread Man and the Three Bears in all of their merry Christmas adventures with this lively collection of holiday stories!

Jam-packed with jolly music, animation and a season's-worth of holiday cheer, these delightful read-along book-and-CD sets will warm the hearts and raise the spirits of kids of all ages!

Starring The Three Pigs, The Gingerbread Man, The Three Bears and The Little Mermaid, these wonderful books, told in delightful verse, feature vivid illustrations, heartwarming tales, and a whole host of bonus CD features!

Use your mouse and a boxful of virtual crayons to bring these wonderful coloring pages to life! Once you're finished you can even print your masterpiece!

Share the fun! You can print your own coloring book, story book – even the song lyrics! A great way to enjoy these wonderful books in a group setting!

The story really comes alive with the interactive storybook! Enjoy a fully-animated version of the storybook and read along with highlighted text – a perfect feature for early readers!

Put on your dancin' shoes and boogie with the Fairy Tale Pops! You'll have a blast with the fan-favorite band as they perform in this wonderful music video!